Lisa Brown Educational Technology Consulting
Letters of Recommendation from Colleagues and Professionals

To whom it may concern:

I have had the honor of working with Lisa Sheldon Brown for eight years, as colleagues at Pearson Education, Arts and Sciences Higher Education division. Lisa is a true professional who consistently surpasses everyone’s expectations and often leads the charge to establish new programs in support of our higher educational learning technology resources.

Lisa is particularly known for her love of educational technology (a bit fanatical some would say) and willingness to be the first to develop and drive ideas for getting our higher educational technology MyLab resources to the market and creating effective ways to help our users successfully integrate these technologies. Additionally, Lisa is an English discipline curriculum expert who can not only train on the use of Pearson’s MyLab technologies, but partner with instructors to help them develop technology-integrated curriculums which are appropriate for their individual course and departmental outcomes.

Lisa is a natural leader. In her role as a Pearson English Product Specialist the 20+ reps she coached and mentored in the Western U.S. region viewed Lisa as a "go-to resource" and "problem-solver" - a reputation that was well deserved. Lisa was such a successful English Specialist that when she opted to transition to a less travel-intensive role she was quickly recruited by Pearson’s English Media team to become a Key Account manager. Lisa now works with our largest MyLab users across the U.S. to integrate MyLab technology in the framework of their individual curriculum requirements and develops specific training programs to ensure all full-time and adjunct instructors are fully trained. 

When educational technology was just emerging, Lisa was a #1 fan. She knew the potential technology could offer instructors and students; she realized the tremendous impact technology could have on teaching and learning. Lisa has contributed to the development and widespread usage of Pearson’s MyLab technologies in more ways than can be mentioned. And, if this sounds over the top it is because Lisa is as passionate about technology in the classroom as anyone I have come across in education.




Colleen Kochannek

Executive Marketing Manager

Results and Peer Marketing

Pearson A&S


To whom it may concern:

I have worked closely with Lisa Brown at Pearson Education for over four years.  She and I have collaborated on campus wide technology presentations, plan and design, and implementation of Pearson’s online educational resources and materials for higher education institutions across Southern California. 

I extend a very high recommendation to you regarding Lisa. I have seen her work with faculty and her colleagues on numerous occasions and find her to be a competent and capable professional. Lisa was in integral part in implementing our English Online programs throughout Southern California.  She sought out the needs of the colleges, and maintained the relationships so that the rollouts could be a success.  I believe Lisa will be very successful in anything that she does.  Her passion for higher education and the English language makes her a perfect fit for the Masters of Science in Educational Learning Design and Technology at Purdue University. 

Lisa has deep expertise with regard to education technology and English. She understands the Pearson English products in great depth, and I have found her knowledge of our English text to be very impressive. She does careful and clean work. She is very responsible. She shows up to appointments on time and is productive on project work. She enjoys friendly and professional relationships with everyone. She is a pleasure to work with.  

Lisa’s skills, commitment to higher education, and general personality are traits that you should not overlook. I believe she will contribute to the overall success of your program and highly recommend that you consider her. 




Amie Carobrese

Digital Account Executive

Pearson Higher Education

1850 Morning View Drive

Vista, CA  92084


Amber Gardner

Pearson Education

10264 N 6680 W      

Highland, UT 84003


To Whom It May Concern:

Lisa Sheldon is a valued sales professional and colleague whom I have had the privilege of working with at Pearson Education.  For three years, I have interacted with Lisa as she has served as an English Sales Specialist for our company.  I have come to know Lisa as a very upstanding and self-motivated employee who has earned my trust as well as the trust of her customers and colleagues.  In addition to her self-direction, Lisa has proven time and time again that her innate ability to read and work with people will serve her well in any field she pursues. 


Lisa is timely, efficient, well-organized and exceptionally well-prepared to take on any new challenges that are presented to her.  Lisa successfully managed and expanded her massive territory in a very competitive landscape year after year.  Her relationships with her customers, and particularly with her colleagues, make Lisa a stand out in her field and amongst her peers. 


In addition to having a strong work ethic and sales acumen, Lisa also has a very strong moral and ethical standard that she holds herself to.  She is a refreshing authority in her field and she truly wants to uncover win-win situations for those that she comes in contact with in her professional and personal life.  In my experience working with Sales Specialists in my industry, I have not found someone whose product knowledge rivals that of Lisa’s.  She is the authority that my team seeks advice and direction from on a regular basis and her input is often the “difference maker” in helping secure new customers and accounts.


Lisa is a competitive, dynamic and intelligent individual.  She is more than capable of leading and teaching groups of people. As a Sales Specialist, Lisa often presents to large groups of customers, both professors and students, and conveys technological and educational ideas in a very competent manner.  As previously mentioned, Lisa is someone that people easily trust and confide in and she takes that honor and responsibility very seriously.


As part of her daily activities, Lisa interviews and visits with professors and sales reps throughout the west coast in an effort to increase our English presence in Higher Education.  These educational peers often tell me that Lisa is interesting to talk to and is a credible source of information and content for them as they make considerations for their courses and course materials.  It is integral that a Sales Specialist in our industry develop quality relationships with academic leaders, and Lisa’s consistent contributions to that end are an excellent case in point.


I have every confidence that Lisa will excel in all of her professional and personal endeavors.  She is certainly an asset to my sales team in numerous ways.  If you would like additional information about Lisa, please do not hesitate to contact me at (801) 891-6399.



Amber Gardner       

District Sales Manager

Pearson Education

To Whom It May Concern:


This letter serves as a recommendation for Lisa Sheldon Brown.  As an English Specialist for Pearson, Lisa was a bona fide leader, and her contributions fueled Pearson’s growth in both revenue and respectability.  From training and assisting reps to establishing strong relationships with instructors and departments, Lisa took ownership of her territory and elevated it to new heights.


Having worked with Lisa for the better part of four years, I have witnessed firsthand her genuine nature and optimistic attitude.   Lisa is a distinct employee and person with desirable characteristics: integrity, intelligence, creativity, pride, competence, adaptability, determination, warmth, and much more.  She is not the rule but the example.  Lisa maintains the utmost professionalism in her conduct and is respectful to all stratospheres of rank, from subordinate to peer to superior.   Lisa is also a disciplined “rainmaker,” one capable of providing for those whom are relying on her.  As if both friend and colleague, Lisa tends to others’ needs big and small as if they were her own to find a solution.  She is a Utilitarian who unselfishly puts the good of the task before her personal ambitions.


I myself have no doubt that Lisa will be successful in her endeavors.  Lisa will touch the lives of those with whom she comes in contact and have long-lasting, profound effects on their growth.



Thomas DeMarco

Executive Marketing Manager, English

Pearson Higher Education

(917) 981-2268