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In 2018, as the EVP, Learning and Development at the Human Values Center, I developed a customizable curriculum to accompany cultural change intitiatives in organizations and communities. Below is a link to our online catalog!  Please feel free to inquire about any of our online courses. 
Lesson and presentation on emerging technology and learning.
Click here to open an interactive lesson on developing meaningful learning activities using technology! 
Feel free to explore any of the courses I developed with subject matter experts from across a broad field of research, practice, and professional experience!
And while I am not a website developer, I can prove that I can do better than this (my personal) website given a better template! I developed, designed and maintain the website for the Human Values Center.  You can explore below.
The Junior Test Pilot School was designed and developed for the Edwards AFB Museum as an open-access, interactive learning program to inspire interest in STEM subjects and learning through the aircraft testing and development conducted at EAFB.
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This project has been produced for the Flight Test Historical Foundation for the Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Museum.  Elementary school children learn about STEM subjects through the exploration of flight test and experimentation as a Junior Test Pilot. 

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F-22 and G-Force eLearning Module

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SME: J.B. Brown, former Chief TP of the F22

Interactive Module
eLearning module on How Things Fly!  
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SME: Bill "Evil" Gray, Chief TP for the AF Test Pilot School
Interactive Module
Interactive Module on STEALTH TECHNOLOGY (2nd-6th grade):  Click here to open the interactive lesson the Stealth and the B2 (or click on the image below)
SME: George Cordova, M.A. in STEM Education & Teacher
eLearning Module on e-Portfolios!  
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Interactive Module