Lisa Sheldon Brown
eLearning and Curriculum Design Consultant

Welcome to my website!   I use this space to present my work and occasionally to post new articles.  If you would like to contact me, please see my contact information below or on my resume page.

My goal is to help educators and programs design, develop, and implement the most effective instruction and assessment to inspire motivation in their students for life-long learning.  Some of the materials are appropriate for all instructors, please feel free to peruse the research sections or use any of the learning modules in your courses.

 As a 20+ year veteran in the educational publishing industry, I have been a part of the exciting world of eLearning as it has developed. I am passionate about educational technology and know how effective using online content can be for student learning, retention, and improving learning outcomes when implemented successfully. 

I strongly believe in the benefits of utilizing eLearning to reach more students by affording accessibility but also in offering customizable and personal learning environments that present materials in multiple platforms.  Education can be available for all, and eLearning does help to facilitate it. However, the basic application of learning theory must be applied for student success. 


I have practical experience in designing training programs in eLearning for publishers' representatives, college professors and instructors, and students as well as personal experience teaching online courses in Instructional Design and Learning Theory (Claremont Lincoln University and Purdue), administrating an online writing lab for Northcentral University, and as an online student myself.  I have designed and developed Writing Labs for over 20 colleges and universities in the United States and have developed the curriculum and courses for three International Master's Degree programs at Claremont Lincoln University.  

I conduct research in effective methods in strategy and design of educational media and online, interactive materials.  Of particular interest to me is social learning and constructivism in the online environment.  Currently, I am the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in an entirely online graduate university where we are now developing program based asynchronous instruction for certificates designed for the public.  Here I believe the need for creating community is imperative for meaningful learning through sharing and communication.  It is definitely a challenge.  


As a volunteer, I am an executive on the Board of Directors of the Flight Test Historical Foundation and act as the Director of Education.  In this role, I work with the curator of the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards Air Force Base and subject matter experts in aerospace and engineering to create STEM subject based eLearning modules and curriculum for the museum's exhibits.   Our intention is to inspire interest and create positive affect in STEM subjects for K-12 students through the history of flight test at Edwards.  The Flight Test Historical Foundation is helping to fulfill the Air Force's STEM mission, and we are hopeful that the curriculum we design can be useful in the education and inspiration of the next generation and beyond.

For the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, I am the Vice-Chair for the Partner's Committee and acted as an editor and contributor the Partner's Handbook.  In addition, I am a member of the Critical Incident Committee and co-wrote and edited our Critical Incident Guidelines.  We are committed to educating our membership on how best to prepare for a critical incident, and if one should occur, provide the families and organizations with the support they need as they manage the crisis.



Photo credit: Linda Reynolds and Kathy Lynne Fergione